About Us

Our team at Klekamp Group loves a challenge.  The more demanding your needs the more we’ll rise to the occasion to exceed your expectations.  We thrive on delivering results and always put our clients needs first.

Over the years, we’ve partnered with many Fortune 500 companies.   We approach every project with the same goal: to help make our client’s message unforgettable and actionable.  And we achieve this with bold ideas, out-of-the-box creativity, technical excellence and flawless execution – it’s what we love to do and what our clients have come to expect – every time, no excuses.

We believe our clients know more about their business than we do.  We get that.  We also know we have some good ideas too and if we pay attention and ask great questions, which we do, together we can deliver measurable results.   It sounds so simple….take time to understand our clients needs and objectives and then meet or exceed them.  It’s what we do.

Klekamp Group delivers:

  • Branding Photos and Videos
  • Commercials – Web & TV
  • Web Videos
  • Customer Story Profiles
  •  Testimonial Photos and Videos
  • Event Photos and Videos
  • Green Screen Photos and Videos
  • CEO & Executive Interviews